The Kaohsiung Exhibition Center Corp. (KECC), a subsidiary of Interplan Group (formerly Uniplan Taiwan) organized a new exhibition consisting of combining high-end vehicles and aviation, with yachts, due to the fact that Kaohsiung is a city known for boat manufacturing. Like this, the SLLS is the first to combine land, ocean, and air, as well as unifying these with other luxury brands to create a new lifestyle, which is known as the 2015 Super Leisure Lifestyle Show (SLLS). The SLLS not only included luxurious yachts on display, SUVs and motorbikes, but it also has for the first time ever, models of small aircrafts and helicopters available for visitors to experience the leisure lifestyle. There was also jewelry, high-end kitchen wares, and furniture booths providing visitors with a different perspective on lifestyle. At the show, delicate foods were served by the Da Ba Restaurant Group. The first SLLS took Kaohsiung to new heights with a total of 400 booths and 80 luxury brands. For the promotion of the 2015 Super Leisure Lifestyle Show (SLLS), Interplan Group partnered with two renowned department stores; Hanshin and Dream Mall from which they specifically invited prestigious VIPs to the show. For further promotion, collaboration with fashion magazines such as MONTE, ARCH, ESQUIRE and Seafront were selected to enhance interaction with the target audience. Moreover, a special event was created on the first night of the opening for exhibitors to invite VIP guests to have more interaction with their brands. All VIP guests and exhibitors were pampered with a relaxing night filled with great cuisine, and wine while overlooking the Kaohsiung harbor from the waterfront plaza.