Project Description

Experience Hakka culture.Hakka is one of Taiwan’s largest sub-ethnic groups. Interplan International (formerly Uniplan Taiwan) designed and implemented the “Hakka Expo” in the Taipei County Hakka Museum. This spectacular 51-day event showcased all aspects of Hakka life, including its culture and history.

The Taipei County Hakka Museum serves as the centre for raising Hakka awareness, spreading the Hakka cultural message and promoting the visibility of Hakka features to the world. Interplan International successfully and flawlessly integrated technology, arts, fashion and Hakka tradition to widely promote the unique Hakka culture. Besides exhibits of scarce old photos, costumes and various publications, telling the story of Hakka history, visitors were also welcomed to taste the Hakka cuisine in a food court. There were also traditional theatres, audiovisual and interactive stations, workshops and Hakka festivities, which not only allowed the attendees to enjoy their visit but also to understand the Hakka culture. With more than 700,000 visitors, “Hakka Expo” delivered this incredible Hakka culture experience to many more than was expected.

Customer:Council for Hakka Affairs