Project Description

The Oasis Of Beauty – Follow Your Dream. Accompanied by 16,000 employees from China, the group trip to Dubai was the largest ever for the cosmetics company Nu Skin. But it was not the only record relating to this event. Five days of events awaited the employees who had earned the trip thanks to their success in sales. The highlight came at the end of the trip: The massive Award Show Gala Dinner, held on two evenings for 8,000 guests on each day, took place in the open air under the starry skies of the desert – 45 minutes from Dubai. The huge arena was roughly twice as large as a football field. It was the ultimate dramatic and technical challenge. We led the guests into the “Oasis of Beauty,” a magical 360° show landscape in the midst of the desert sands. The stage and light effects reflected off the 2,000 sqm surface of the water. “Follow your dream, and make the impossible possible!” – this was the core message sent to the guests in a spectacular, large-scale media show. The story, inspired by Arabian fairytales such as “Sinbad” and “Aladdin”, tells the tale of a magical journey to the “Oasis of Beauty”, to the energy sources, whereby obstacles such as heat and sand storms must be overcome until the hero finally arrives at the source of beauty. Music, video, light, performers and special effects such as water, fire and pyrotechnics melted into one magical “overall work of art” that broke the boundaries between imagination and reality. A dinner under the stars of the desert in the “Oasis of Beauty”. A modern fairytale from Arabian Nights. Highlights

_Smooth implementation despite it being 38 degrees in the shade and constant strong winds throughout the day

_Three hours of perfectly staged large-scale entertainment in the middle of the desert

_Spectacular show elements with a large number of special effects