Project Description

Bosch Germany’s headquarters gathered their top 2014 business performing elites from each department of the Asia- Pacific region for an incentive trip to Taipei. Over 100 elite employees and their families experienced the beauty of Taiwan, while interacting with top members from the group’s German headquarters as well as executives from Bosch Taiwan. The local management also used the event to seek out opportunities to strengthen their market position in Taiwan. Interplan (formerly Uniplan Taiwan) stood out among the many PR events companies contacted from Germany by delivering a fully integrated proposal for Bosch. The theme of the event, “When the Top Meets the Top” is an assembly of all “top” qualities, which included “top” brands, “top” sales, “top” destination spots and “top” services that were incorporated into the making of this event which lasted for three days. On top of that, a prologue story of traveling to Formosa to kick off the dinner gala and welcome participants and hype up the anticipation of this incentive trip was also added to the program. A total of 21 countries (including Taiwan) and 203 people were deeply influenced by the many aspects of Taiwanese culture incorporated into this experience. The success of it all was the bond created between the corporation and its clients, and this event, continued to encourage progress in this from each of the employees. “To be motivated at all times”, is the long-term philosophy of Bosch and the participants were able to witness this spirit through the traditions and culture of the Taiwanese people. We have set a new standard for overseas corporations coming to Taiwan to host events!