Project Description

Shinnyo-en, a Buddhist denomination originally established in Japan in 1936, has performed the Saisho Homa ritual every year since 1992. Each Saisho Homa ceremony is meaningful for Shinnyo-en. When the severe 311 earthquake happened in Japan in 2011, the Taiwanese immediately provided relief by giving goods and materials to comfort the Japanese victims. To show its appreciation for the Taiwanese kindness, Shinnyo-en decided to hold the 2011 Saisho Homa in Taiwan at the TWTC Nangang on November 27th. In addition, the ceremony was held to pray for world peace and diversity of harmony. Interplan organized the event with the most outstanding international performance groups to perform the concept of “One Heart” with beating drums, aboriginal singing and inspiring music and dancing. The following groups where present: “U-Theater”, “Pingtung Country Tai-Wu Elementary School-Paiwan Chorus”, “36 Youth Percussion Group” and “Taipei Jingwen High School Performing Arts Group”. Over 30,000 people attended. It was the largest religious event ceremony ever held in Taiwan. Through both dynamic and static performance combinations, the ceremony allowed the audience to feel the atmosphere of “One Heart” and enjoy a sense of inner peace, harmony and new beginnings, starting from the heart.