Project Description

Salute to Taiwan and France with 100 Years of Fragrance

The Taichung Brewery Factory was established in 1916 under the Japanese colonial period. It lived through the Restoration of Taiwan and underwent several transformations to become part of the Taichung Cultural & Creative Industries Park we know today. For the celebration of its 100-year-anniversary, the Bureau of Cultural Heritage from the Ministry of Cultural wanted to create an interactive and educational event to communicate the rich history and cultural influence.

With planning, forum topic generation, space design and the creation of series of related activities, Interplan successfully launched a four-week event “Salute to Taiwan and France with 100 years of Fragrance”. The event comprised of exhibitions, seminars with experts from Taiwan and France, wine-tasting workshop, press conference, brewery tour, and series of family activities, all relates to educating the history and culture of the Taichung Brewery Factory and these World Heritage Sites through interactive experience with visitors. As a result, the event generated many media coverages and attracted a significant number of participating crowd together to celebrate the 100-year-anniversary of Taichung Brewery Factory.