Project Description

The “TCCF Creative Content Conference” focuses on cultural content transactions and facilitates exchanges in the content market. To showcase the achievements of the Ministry of Culture in assisting Taiwan’s future content production and business models, the “Future Content Exhibition” – “Metaverse Playground” is used as the curatorial theme. In collaboration with the Linz Electronic Arts Festival, Kaohsiung Film Festival, and other domestic and international cross-exhibition “Immersive Content” brands, it integrates 5G VR Cloud industry chain operators to bring 15 immersive experience works and more than 30 themed activities, creating an exclusive metaverse on-the-go experience!

The immersive experience works are gathered in the “Avatar Galaxy Immersive Universe Area” – Future Universe Playground X Four Major Exhibition Areas with the trendiest Metaverse applications.

The 2021 Future Content Exhibition area is planned to be presented as a gamified virtual self-travel. The entrance is designed as a “wormhole” corridor. After entering from the “wormhole”, you will sequentially experience the “Avatar Galaxy Immersive Universe Area”, “Magic Forest Area”, “Fun Backyard”, and “Octans Space” and other different exhibition areas. You can feast your eyes on forward-looking immersive content works and see the latest and trendiest Metaverse application trends, including international exhibition works, multiple international premieres, and award-winning future content works.