Project Description

Through the 2022 City Expo with the theme of “Starting City”, it positions the new starting point of “Taiwan Head – Keelung”, opens up the brewing and accumulation of this city, and conveys the important meaning of “Getting to know Taiwan starts with getting to know Keelung”.

“Connecting mountains, seas, cities, and hills to shape the city and environmental contours” The main pavilion of the Expo is located in the A District West Second Wharf Warehouse with a history of 90 years. When you step into the main pavilion, it feels like you just got off the boat and stepped on the land, telling the story of the port city.

“Starting with Copper” – The metal material echoes Keelung Port as a container port and military stronghold, it is the memory of history and also depicts the bits and pieces of this city. “Get to Know Keelung” – It has a variety of terrains and a unique “15-minute city” style – you can go up the mountain, go out to sea, travel through time and space for 400 years. At the same time, it also has the inclusive characteristics of a port city – a variety of cultural fusion of gourmet snacks, foreign cuisine, use eating, drinking, playing, and fun to experience the wonderful cultural style, through the “Secrets in the Sand Pit” exhibition area, combined with interactive technology, experience the fun of archaeological excavation of sites, let the next generation understand their own historical culture more. “Light Energy Keelung” – Immersive data space, and turn micro data related to transportation, institutions, attractions, etc. into scenes of photon flow. “24 Hours Keelung Affairs” – Keelung that never stops, there are interesting news (FUN FACTS) happening all the time in the city’s hundred states, develop the identification and interaction with Keelung from the bits and pieces of life.