Project Description

The 2009 World Games was the biggest sports event that Taipei has ever held! A massive international sports event. For this event, Uniplan combined top staff from Germany and Interplan International (formerly Uniplan Taiwan) to create the ultimate global team to implement this seemingly impossible opening and closing ceremonies in Kaohsiung for this sports event. The production of the performance portrays an interesting narrative of the history of Taiwan and the port city of Kaohsiung. The traditional dance choreography included elements such as traditional symbols and customs which played an important role, but also the modern technology. Over 4,000 performers joined in the ceremony including international English tenor Russel Watson and New Zealand singer Hayley Westenra. These exceptional performances took place on a gigantic virtual stage—produced by a super-sized ground projection. The highlight of the show in the stadium were the fireworks which took the breath away of the over 40,000 enthusiastic spectators, were shown profusely in the headlines of news reports worldwide. Taiwan proved to have the ability and capability of hosting an international mega sports event. A sporting event in a class of its own!

Content Highlights

_Over 4,000 performers

_Including International English tenor Russel Watson and New Zealand signer Hayley Westenra

_Mega scale Virtual Stage

_Tradition meets advanced technology

_Spectacular fireworks show

_Over 40,000 spectators