Project Description

Between 2003 and 2009, 18 potential sites of Taiwan were nominated to represent Taiwan under the contract, “The Protection of the Natural Heritages of the World”. These sites are not only a great reflection of Taiwan, but they also qualify as heritage sites under UNESCO, which aims to preserve characteristics of world heritage. The possibility of preserving local world heritage had been lacking in recent years, putting Taiwan at a slight disadvantage. To prevent any further damages and threats this might bring, Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park held a special exhibition for the public in October 2011 focusing solely on the potential Taiwanese heritage sites. With brochures explaining the 18 potential sites, the aim was for people to gradually become aware of Taiwanese heritage. By incorporating interactive media as educational tools, associations and people interested in preservation of world heritage came together, thus encouraging further educational opportunities. Concept 1 – The Value of World Heritage

World heritage can only be of value if it is preserved by the people. Through this particular application process, an international group works to help preserve world heritage. Many times, world heritage can be misinterpreted as a landmark. The attempt of this exhibition is to re-adjust the way people think about world heritage. Concept 2 – Display through Technology

The significance of technology is determined by how much attention it can attract. The use of integrated science and technology was incorporated with the mission of re-discovering world heritage. The use of advanced technology may be the key to enhance the potential world heritage of Taiwan. Concept 3 – Daily Aesthetics

For many, world heritage is valuable only when connect it to their daily and cultural lives. Therefore, the Potential World Heritage Sites in Taiwan made sure that this exhibition was entertaining and educational for families, hoping that valuable insights can be taken away from each visit. This concept successfully attracted the attention of the younger generation and families. Concept 4 – Creative Daily Aesthetics

The aim of this exhibition is to bring everyone a more creative perspective towards life. The combination of music, travel and performing arts helped create a fresh image for visitors. Concept 5 – Taiwanese Heritage on a Global Scale

With the objective of enhancing the international awareness, the exhibition hopes to open doors and create a bridge between Taiwanese heritage and world heritage. Thanks to international visitors, the similarities Taiwanese heritage shares with world heritage can be made by comparison. Through an international crowd, Taiwanese heritage can be re-discovered and have the chance to be acknowledged internationally.

Customer:Ministry of Culture