Project Description

To maintain a friendly bond with the members from the Asia Philatelic Federation (FIAP), as well as to further promote the Asian International Stamp Exhibition, this event gathered 24 members from different countries and regions including stamp dealers, stamp collectors, and collectors from the post council. The event wanted to put Asia’s abundant culture and creative ability on display. This year’s exhibition was titled “Joy of Philately” and showcased stories, history, characteristics and values of stamps. The highlight was a rare collection of stamps worth a total of NT$ 1.5 billion (about US$ 50 million). Decorated like an amusement park, the entire atmosphere of the event was full of entertainment and excitement. As a result, this art and cultural exhibition attracted 230,000 visitors for a feast of the senses. International participants were able to experience more of Taipei through day and night time activities and local economies benefited significantly. Taiwan’s brand image increased due to the international cultural exchanges where it successfully encouraged the goal of making stamp-collecting more appealing and trendy for the younger generation. It is a great pleasure to see collections of postal stamps continue to shine!